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Condo and Strata

CWB Maxium Financial provides financing options to condo or strata Boards faced with reserve fund shortfalls. Industry-leading professionals in condo financing allow CWB Maxium Financial to provide your corporation with prompt, reliable, creative solutions. We work with the Board, property managers, owners, engineers, consultants and contractors – presenting at Board and owner meetings if requested, to help answer questions and make sure each condo’s unique circumstance is considered – before creating the financing solution.

Benefits of Financing:

  • Offers owners the option to pay for capital expenses over the useful life of the common elements repaired or replaced
  • Avoids deferring important repair and maintenance, saving money by doing the work now instead of paying inflated future prices.
  • Uses the borrowing capacity of the corporation to secure fair financing for all owners, regardless of their personal borrowing capacity or credit.
  • Improves the building and units’ market value with little or no increase in monthly fees
  • Avoids costly and divisive special assessments
  • Spreads the costs of the repair over time
  • Allows the corporation to benefit from energy-efficient projects that have a short payback period but require a large upfront investment
Balconies, Windows and Doors

The repair and replacement of a condo’s balconies, windows and doors is a common and important project. Although they may be considered separate projects, these items are often repaired or replaced at the same time as their life cycle and the contractors used tend to be similar. There are many benefits and include improved heating and cooling efficiency, unit and building appearance and quality of living.

Guest and Superintendent Suites

The financing of a condominium corporation’s guest suite and/or supersuite can help to generate funds and reasonably  spread the value of the unit over a longer period that matches the useful life of the asset.

Energy Retrofits

Energy retrofits are an great way for a condominium corporation to address aging and less efficient HVAC systems and lighting in a building and realize a potential payback of a portion or all the costs through improved efficiency, utility cost savings and government green initiatives. Energy retrofit projects offer the benefit of addressing current issues while at the same time saving money, enhancing and increasing overall value.

Parking Garages
Surface level and underground, multi-level parking garage repairs and restorations are expensive and time-consuming and are often done in phases to accommodate residents’ parking as much as possible. Repairs may include remediation of garage roof decks that are leaking, or the complete rehabilitation of concrete parking structures. Flexible financing solutions can accommodate various project timelines and needs.
Lobbies and Recreational Facilities

The updating of a building’s lobby décor, including flooring, wall coverings and lighting, can greatly enhance the appeal and pride of ownership of any building as well as add overall value to the units within the building. Similarly, updated recreation facilities, including swimming pools, workout rooms and party rooms, will heighten the attractiveness and quality of life within a condominium corporation.

Building Envelopes

The repair and restoration of building envelopes for low- and high-rise buildings and townhouses may include complete building facade replacement or restoration work in specific areas, such as brick replacement and re-pointing. The repair and replacement of building envelope components enhances the appearance and value of the condominium corporation.


Complete elevator replacement and modernization, as well as repairs necessary to comply with current codes and by-laws, are of significant importance to residents of low- and high-rise condominium corporations.

HVAC Systems

HVAC systems typically financed include rooftop boilers, heating and air conditioning systems as well as individual unit heating and cooling systems and their  controls. These types of projects may also include related plumbing and electrical requirements.